Eurobest, Lisbon, 2013

Drive’s CEO and Creative Director, Ben Fender and Imogen Hammond delivered a thrilling talk about creative bravery at Eurobest, the premier event for Europe’s creative communications industry.

The talk took the format of a game using ‘The Disc of Risk’ to tell stories of nail-biting risk, played out on the world's largest canvases and using ground-breaking technology fresh from the lab. Tales of old tricks and new technologies: A modern day version of the carnival illusion show delivering game show constructs, noise, lights and world firsts from the creative technology front line, where animation, content production, projection, and architecture collide.

OFFSET, Dublin, 2013

Ben Fender and Imogen Hammond from Drive took to the stage showcasing their mind-boggling 4d projection mapping illusions – a mixture between technology, imagination and, basically, magic.

OFFSET’s Brian Herron leads a panel discussion with Ben Fender and Imogen Hammond from Drive and Gavin O’Sullivan from DDFH&B on the future of advertising and how to reach audiences using new media.

Campus Party, Quito, Equador, 2012